Skeptic to Believer

Hello. I’m just following up with this email. Todd, my name is Kelly. I’m Friends with Blake and Kimberley Montgomery. They are who recommended the Evercure to my mom.

What my mother didn’t include is that she had her thyroid removed approximately eight years ago. Since then (maybe even before) she has had nothing but trouble in terms of anxiety, sleep, pain…and the list goes on (not exaggerating).

She has sought help from her endocrinologist and PCP to no avail, eventually turning to a holistic doctor who has been able to find her some relief….some.

This doctor recently recommended that she try CBD oil to see if she could get some relief with her sleep and possibly anxiety and pains.

My mother is skeptical as are many others. CBD = weed. Right? I reached out to Kimberley as I know that she uses it. She stated that Blake has found that Evercure has helped with sleep.

So, while my parents were visiting in October, we drove over to the Brewery and snagged a bottle.

They went home, and she used it for a few days (I think 3-4)…and no joke, slept all night long for the first time in maybe eight years!!!! She is always awake, never sleeps, wakes up and can’t fall asleep.

Since starting the Evercure, she has slept through the night (which is crazy) and now even if she wakes up, she can fall back to sleep!!!

She is just about out of her first bottle of an Evercure and is ready to get another one because it is helping!!! ( I will actually be running over to the brewery this week to get it so I can ship it to her in PA).

Skeptic turned believer!!!

Sorry that this is a tad long, but I felt that you needed to know what this Evercure is doing and how much in just one month of using has done for her. Hopefully, it continues to get even better!!

Thank you, Todd and thanks to Kimberley and Blake for referring us!!

Kelly Saltzgaber