Cherry Pie Lip Balm

Evercure CBD lip balm is made with Kentucky Fine ingredients and is more than moisturizing. The full spectrum of CBD, Vitamin E, and Omega hemp oils promotes renewal of chapped lips.?

Our Premium Lip Balms are offered in two original Evercure Flavors: Vanilla Booyah & Cherry Pie Cannabis. Each Lip balm contains 25 mg of CBD derived only from RX Cherry Hemp Flowers.

Cherry Pie is a strain of cannabis crossed into the family genetic tree of RX Cherry Hemp?thanks Mom! Coat this one on your lips and you can?t help but smile! Don’t be fooled by the Cherry, this flavor is completely sweet cannabis?”Buds Only Olay”.


Lip Balm Base (Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Cocoa Butter, Tocopheral (Vitamin E)) Maltodextrin, Stevia Extract, CBD derived from Whole Floral Kentucky Hemp. Contains 25 mg of CBD. Contains < .3% THC compliant with The Federal Farm Bill 2014. (Vanilla Extract or Cherry Pie Cannabis Terpenes) Evercure CBD Lip Balm Certificate of Analysis