Welcome to Evercure Farms, the makers of  Kentucky Fine Bluegrass Made HEMP CBD Oil.

You Deserve to be:

  • Active with less Arthritis Pain, 

  • Cool-Calm-Collective with less Anxiety or Stress,

  • Sleeping Well to live life to the fullest and more…

Evercure CBD is a clean, organically certifiable CBD oil bottled with a full spectrum of healthy ingredients. Just right? Yeah, Perfect!

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Our Evercure Farm Family produces Evercure CBD Oil in the limestone-rich, bluegrass region of Kentucky.  Our Full Spectrum CBD Oil was derived exclusively from the flowers of our plants through an organic (non-CO2) ethanol extraction process. Each bottle contains 30 doses based on the equivalence of 30ml x 20mg = 600mg CDB Extract. 20 mg strength CBD extract in every one milliliter of oil.    

ANTI-ANXIETY | STRESS RELIEFHemp CBD oil has a relaxing effect to help ease mental and emotional stress, tension and worry.  The Natural Hemp Compounds and Omega Fatty Acids improve your mood and overall brain function, causing you to feel more alert and focused.

NATURAL SLEEP SUPPORT | FIGHT INSOMNIA & IMPROVE SLEEP QUALITY – Expert Research proves that Hemp CBD Oil battles insomnia. Take dosage before bedtime to feel relaxed and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

ANTI-INFLAMMATORY | RELIEVES PAIN Hemp CBD Oil helps ease chronic pain and inflammation from diagnosed conditions such as arthritis. Active hemp ingredients or compounds can be essential to prevent heart & cardiovascular disease.    

ALL FLORAL  HEMP CBD OIL delivers a BALANCED SOURCE of Omega 3, 6, & 9 Fatty Acids.

1 oz Tincture Bottle (30ml), 600 mg CBD Concentrate. Full Spectrum. CBD extracted via organic ethanol process (non-CO2) for natural flavor, compound integrity, and maximum natural health benefits. CBD extract is mixed with palate neutral fractionated coconut oil.  All Floral CBD Extract, Batch# LGH 1820, Limited Release. Kentucky Fine. Bluegrass Made.  Third Party Certificate of Analysis of product and lab report posted on Resource Page.

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